Transpersonal Sandplay Therapy Center
List of Toys and Training Materials

SANDTRAY SIZE: 20 X 30 X 3 1/2"

  • two trays are best, one for dry and one damp sand
  • sides and bottom should be of tin and bottom can be painted blue

 Categories of Toys: include some of each category for a well-rounded selection


  • ordinary man, woman, child
  • soldiers from at least two different armies
  • entertainers, dancers, circus, sports figures, etc.
  • people from the historical past: knights, cowboys and Indians, etc.
  • people from different races and cultures
  • animals - domestic and wild
  • animals from the past - prehistoric


  • Cartoon characters - Disney, Smurf, my little pony etc.
  • Comic Book characters - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman
  • Educational - Sesame Street, Muppets, etc.
  • Other world - Space creatures and explorers
  • Monsters - all kinds, vampires to the Hulk, witches, Godzilla, etc.

MODERN MYTHS - Hero vs. Villain themes ( choose a few collections)

  • Star Wars collection
  • Masters of the Universe collection
  • GI Joe collection
  • Transformers, robots, etc.
  • Note: new series are coming out all the time


  • The Wizard Of Oz, etc.
  • Fairy Tales Characters - Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, etc.


  • houses, castles, fire stations, gas stations, etc
  • blocks which can be put together to represent structures fences, stone wall imitations, etc.
  • trees, bushes, flowers and plants of many varieties


  • bridges or blocks which can be used for a bridge or overpass cars, trucks, trains, planes
  • road equipment, farm equipment, police cars and helicopters transportation signals (stop. signs, etc)
  • school desks or equipment
  • hospital equipment, beds, nurses, stretchers, etc.


  • from Nature - shells, rocks, crystals, wood
  • from Archetypal images of fire, water, earth, air etc.
  • from Myths and Books - wizards with wands or crystals, wise man or woman with crystals, animals with crystals i.e. Unicorn, Pegasus, etc.
  • from fantasy stories - Merlin, King Arthur, Yoda from Star Wars, etc
  • from Archetypal Material: mandalas, circles, sacred stones, and sacred images in general.
  • any image can be Transpersonal from the perspective of the maker.