List of Books On Sandplay Therapy

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De Domenico, Gisela S. Sand Tray, World Play, A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Sand Tray in
Psychotherapeutic Transformational Settings (call 510-530-1383)

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Reading Disability and the Psycho-Social Maladjustment of Pre-Adolescent Boys. Unpublished doctoral dissertation available

University Microfilms Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1964.

The following books are available through
the Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld Trust (see contact info)

Selected Papers: Child Psychotherapy: War and the Normal Child (Hard Copy)

Play in Childhood by Margaret Lowenfeld

Understanding Children's Sandplay: The Lowenfeld World Technique (Paperback)

Writings on Lowenfeld by Davis & Urwin

The Non-Verbal Thinking Of Children & It's Place in Psychotherapy by Lowenfeld, Rowles & Trails

Handbook For The Use Of The Lowenfeld Mosaic Test by Anderson & Hood-Williams

Lowenfeld Mosaic Sets, Complete set of tiles and tray or either separately